I have had a professional relationship with Wendy for over 30 years. Her passion for her work has never waned – she looks at every project as a creative challenge, one that she takes on with dedication and an exquisite eye for the visual and an attuned ear for sound. She brings a unique perspective to everything she produces and delivers an exceptional product no matter what the medium. I can’t recommend Coney Island and Wendy more – you will be proud of the work you do together.

Liza Handman
VP, Creative Services  Drury Design Dynamics

Wendy Schneider is a talented, passionate and experienced video producer-director who has a solid grasp of how to tell stories in a captivating and engaging way. Wendy always brings the human element of the story to life which makes her videos emotional and impactful. Her personal vision and deep understanding of how music and sound can be used to help add drama to a narrative make her a very special person in the world of audio and video production. She understands how to apply these skills in the commercial and corporate environments which makes her a unique talent in today’s world.  

Chris Drury
President, Drury Design Dynamics

Wendy is a creative genius with a compassionate heart and activist soul. Everyone should work with Wendy.

Honorable Chris Taylor
Dane County Circuit Court Judge

Interning with Wendy is awesome. She pays impressive attention to both the distinct details as well as the message and impact of her work, showing her dedication to her art. Wendy has a remarkable skillset but her most exceptional trait that she continues to learn and develop new methods. I have learned so much through working with Wendy as she is energetic, communicative, and passionate. 

Maya Desai
Intern with Wendy at Coney Island Studios

Wendy produced training videos for our company that were very specific and scientifically technical.  Despite no prior knowledge of what my company did, she was able to grasp the key concepts and make sure those concepts were properly conveyed during shooting, script editing, and final production.  In addition, Wendy did an outstanding job understanding how the videos would be used by our clients and what type of detail needed to be captured on video and audio.  The training videos turned out better than we anticipated and have been well received by our clients, helping them manage training on the use of our products.  Wendy was on time, on budget, and a pleasure to work with.  She has my highest recommendation. 

Ward Tucker
3rd degree connection
Director of Research and Development at BIOSENTINEL, INC.

Wendy Schneider and Coney Island Studios have been creative partners with United Therapeutics for several years. Wendy, coming from a DIY world, never uses the words “can’t do that.”

Some examples:
Can you create a moonscape using miniatures? YES!
Can you create a soundtrack to go with the moonscape? YES!
Can you fly to Los Angeles and film 12 comedians opening an annual report and commenting on it? YES!
Can you fly to Raleigh and Film an artist installing a suite of paintings about lung tissue and create a soundtrack to accompany the documentary? YES!
Can you take all these photos and videos and organize them into an archive based on subject matter & dates? YES!
Can you create an instructional video of how to open an Annual Report? YES!
Can you license some 1950’s-60’s music to use in the video? YES!

The positive and professional approach to any project with Wendy has been refreshing, high quality and enjoyable. Turn-around time is also impressive!

Bill Rock
Executive Creative Director, United Therapeutics